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 GM read my massage

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PostSubject: GM read my massage   Sat Jan 10, 2009 1:40 pm

GM plz read my massage to you
It`s unfare..... kc po ung iba po bgyan nyo ng skill aq hindi!!!
plzzzzz GM if mabasa u man 2 sna mbgyan nyo me ng skill cge n po pawa nmn my skill me!!!
d kc me mkadonate ei layo samin ung Globe site....
if der is a another way n makapag donate me plzzzz inform me to how!!!
kc po hirap po talaga n2 wla manlng qng skill!!!
gusto q man mag donate d q magawa kc walang G-cash d2 samin!!!!!
BY: Vexcent
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GM read my massage
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